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logs July 31st, 2012

Log Manager With Extra Information Using SharePoint 2010 Unified Logging Service

Here is a wrapper class which covers the SharePoint ULS interface and logs information to the ULS.

Posted: Brock Comments: 0
ribbon-thumb July 17th, 2012

SharePoint 2010 Custom Application Page Affix Ribbon To Top Using CSS

Microsoft felt it necessary to do far more work than necessary to fix the ribbon div to the top of the window. Here’s a pure CSS solution that bypasses SharePoint 2010’s default JavaScript-based approach.

Posted: Brock Comments: 1
SPCalendarView March 13th, 2012

Harnessing the power of the SPCalendarView control

The SPCalendarView control in SharePoint 2010 is really pretty snappy. It loads data with the slight of hand that is AJAX and leaves the user with an oh-so-pleasant user experience. So, if SharePoint developers wish to use the SPCalendarView control and deliver the same user experience with custom data; that should be pretty straight forward, right? […]

Posted: Grant Comments: 1
Missing Server Side Dependencies? Check Your Recycle Bin March 6th, 2012Posted: KeithComments: 0

If you end up deleting Fab 40 Sites after migration, you may end up with the dreaded “Missing Server Side Dependencies” error message in your Health Analyzer. Here’s what to do about it.

SharePoint Is Not A Platform For Developers. And That’s Okay. February 29th, 2012Posted: JonComments: 0

It’s SharePoint’s world. We just develop in it. When you know and embrace your platform, however, something excellent happens.

Opening a Modal Dialog on Page Load from Server-Side Code? Don’t Forget This Sweet (and Totally Critical) Function Call November 1st, 2011Posted: JonComments: 0

Did you know? Before our page can call upon a modal dialog framework to, say, create a modal dialog, our page has to have *loaded* said modal dialog framework.

Pray tell, then, O scriptacious gods of portal app pop-upage: how can we ensure that the execution of our dialog invocation is delayed until this fine framework is loaded and ready?

Building Configurable SharePoint Solutions September 6th, 2011Posted: GrantComments: 0

John Ferringer recently spoke at the Fort Wayne SPUG meeting discussing topics in best practices for SharePoint development. During the course of his presentation, one topic was mentioned that struck a chord with me: "be nice to your SharePoint administrators". Some of us in the SharePoint space (in fact, many of my associates) are IT […]

Change User Profile Synchronization Connection without Losing Profile Data July 14th, 2011Posted: KeithComments: 0

Recently we were dealing with an issue where users were imported from Active Directory into SharePoint User Profiles using the first part of the Fully Qualified Domain Name instead of the NetBIOS Domain Name. This creates issues with the User Profiles, specifically with the Organizational Browser. It appears there is a simple fix by setting the…

Passing Data To and From SharePoint Modal Dialogs June 13th, 2011Posted: EricComments: 10

SharePoint Modal Dialogs SharePoint 2010 introduced the ECMAScript Client Object Model. One of the things that it included was the Dialog Framework. This allows modal dialogs to be easily displayed inside of SharePoint. This is typically done by specifying a web page to be displayed as the dialog on top of the current web page. […]